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Maximising productivity whilst minimising effort

Helping yacht brokers, charter managers and crew agents to become more productive

Innova is an all-in-one application intended for yachting companies that makes it easy for teams to plan, organise and collaborate. Access all your assets from one central digital workspace, store crucial yacht information, handle client enquiries like a rock star and manage logistics while on the go.

Focused on functionality, fuelled by ingenuity, designed with purpose

Outsmart the competition

Bring together all the information and tools your team needs. Manage your daily activities and organise work for seamless collaboration.

Take the helm

You're in control. Innova encompasses functionalities to manage yachts, contacts and companies as well as yacht charter bookings, sales enquiries, crew placement, blog posts … to name a few.

Innova smartphones

Accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer

Complex made easy

Innova is a comprehensive and intuitive set of innovative tools intended for yachting industry professionals, easy to use as well as being secure and remarkably fast.

Make it yours

Designed to respond to specific yachting needs. Whatever your size, whatever your activity, we've got you covered.

Performance right out of the box

Built as a Progressive Web Apps, Innova is lightning-fast and loads in milliseconds, wherever you are.

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