Shaping the future of yachting applications

We aim at challenging the status quo for luxury yachting applications. In order to make this statement a reality, we have created a truly unique application providing alternative ways for yachting companies to operate. Meet Innova, your new digital assistant.

By Christophe Meade
15 December 2022 › 3 min read

Maximising productivity whilst minimising effort

I've been working in the tech industry all of my professional life and I don't like seeing companies slowed down by inefficient software and processes. It doesn't have to be that way, solutions exist. Wouldn't it be nice if an application could help yachting companies centralise all the information and tools their teams need in one place? That is precisely the essence of Innova.

To become more efficient, collaboration is key. There is nothing less efficient than having several people inputting the same information in different places. This is the reason why Innova was created as one centralised digital workplace. What it means is that information is entered once and is shared among all users based on their respective access rights. Every team member contributes to the quality of information, maximising productivity whilst minimising effort.

Remarkable apps for all

I believe that technology needs to adapt to humans, not the opposite. Innova was specifically designed to respond to every need a yachting company may have, not for any other industry, yachting is our only playground.

I know only too well that having software being developed can be nerve-racking, for an end result too often disappointing. For many business leaders, investing in a digital platform is not an easy decision.

Innova is a ready-made application which was developed based on our extensive experience. We are capable of giving you a complete demo of our solution and to answer any and all questions you may have. We are confident that Innova is tailored to your everyday needs. And if you don't like it, no hard feelings, promise!

Whatever your size, we've got you covered. Small businesses can finally have the same superpowers as large ones. We have competitive pricing plans adapted to all types of companies: from startups to industry leaders. You may choose the modules that fit your precise needs and upscale as you grow, Innova is built to scale.

Focused on functionality, fuelled by ingenuity, designed with purpose
Bring your team to one central digital workplace © Innova

Anytime, anywhere !

Innova is a comprehensive platform supercharged with many built-in tools created with the sole purpose of helping your team achieve more, whether it be yacht brokers, charter managers or crew agents.

We have also developed an add-on named Impulse. It can be seen as an online community in which registered yacht crew can effortlessly interact with your team regardless of their geographic location or current time.

In geek language, Innova is known as a Progressive Web App (PWA). For humans, it means that it's accessible from any location at any time. On the road, in the office, on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, the application is accessible through any modern internet browser, it's as simple as that. Its PWA superpowers also make it installable as a native application on any of those devices. Being an online application offers many advantages, the main one being that it is accessible 24/7.

© Innova

Not just a pretty app

We aim at making your life so much easier. Simplicity is one of the hardest virtues and is usually the goal of good design. We take ease of use and user experience very seriously. Providing users with a clear and intuitive way to perform tasks has always been a priority. We have spent countless hours finding the best way to make Innova as intuitive as possible, by hiding complexity behind algorithms, resulting in an extremely short learning curve.

Ease of use is only one part of the job though, we have also made it remarkably fast. We have studied many types of software architecture and used many different techniques to make Innova load as fast as possible. We have very rigorous benchmarks and we never ever compromise on speed, because nobody likes waiting!

© Oceanway

What happens in Innova, stays in Innova

Innova is a password protected application for which security is not an option. Your digital assets will remain well protected. Internally, what users can see or do is strictly based on their access rights. Externally, we use all sorts of complex mechanisms to protect your data, most of them with scary names like Bruteforce, Web Application Firewall, Vault or Cross-Site Request Forgery.

Find your pulse

Innova is a unique and affordable digital platform for the yachting industry, designed with many considerations in mind. It is game changing technology helping yachting companies thrive in a digitally driven world. But don't take our word for it, form your own opinion and request a demo!

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