Outsmart the competition and build a thriving yachting company

Outdoing the competition is a key goal for many yachting agencies, there are several strategies that can be employed to achieve this. Continuously improving your products and services is a great way to stand out from the crowd. This can involve incorporating new technologies.

By Christophe Meade
16 January 2023 › 3 min read

Centralise information and tools

A central digital workplace is an online platform that serves as a central hub for all activities, communication and collaboration. The goal is to improve productivity, increase efficiency and foster a more connected and engaged workforce.

Innova brings together tools and services into one integrated application, making it easier for employees to access the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Collaboration is key in a digitally driven world.

Move faster and smarter

To differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage, moving fast is important, moving smart is crucial.

Innova makes it easy for your team to plan and collaborate, helping you save precious time. It also encompasses many modules to help you work faster and impress your clients.

The yacht selection module helps yacht brokers present a selection of yachts to their clients in just a few minutes, literally! We made it easy to create a yacht selection and even easier to share it with clients.

The yacht crew placement module incorporates a powerful search engine which includes a large range of filters, helping you find suitable candidates within minutes.

Defy the ordinary

Defying the ordinary is a mindset that involves taking a new approach to work.

1- Embrace new experiences and ideas - Try something different, whether it's a hobby or a new way of doing things.

2- Question the status quo - Don't be afraid to challenge the traditional ways of doing things and look for alternatives.

3- Be creative - Encourage creativity by exploring new ideas and thinking outside the box. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things, even if they seem unconventional.

4- Surround yourself with like-minded people - Seek out individuals who also have a desire to challenge the ordinary and make a positive impact.

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Do more with less

This concept is often referred to as "efficiency" or "maximising productivity." By streamlining processes, finding more efficient methods of achieving goals, it is possible to achieve more with the same or fewer resources.

1- List tasks to be completed and prioritise them based on importance and urgency. Focus on the most critical ones.

2- Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks can free up time and resources that can be used more effectively elsewhere.

3- Identify opportunities to simplify processes by eliminating unnecessary steps or finding more efficient methods.

4- Use technology to streamline processes and increase productivity. This can include collaborative tools.

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Manage leads effectively

Having a powerful lead management system helps identify, nurture and convert potential customers into paying customers. Here are some of the best practices for managing leads effectively:

1- Identifying leads: The first step in lead management is to identify potential leads. This can be done through various means, including online forms, landing pages, and social media.

2- Segmenting leads: Once leads are identified, they should be segmented based on factors such as behaviour and interests. This will allow you to tailor your communication and marketing efforts to each individual lead.

3- Nurturing leads: Nurturing leads involves developing a relationship with them through consistent and relevant communication. This can include sending educational content and providing personalised support.

4- Qualifying leads: Once a lead has been nurtured, it's time to qualify them to determine if they are ready to buy. This can involve asking questions, conducting assessments and evaluating their level of engagement.

5- Converting leads: Once a lead is qualified, the final step is to convert them into a customer. This can involve scheduling a sales call or sending a proposal.

Innova offers a comprehensive lead management module helping yacht agencies effectively manage leads and convert more of them into paying customers.

Share your story

Building a strong brand identity can help you stand out and build trust with your customers. This includes creating a clear brand message and building a strong online presence.

Having a professionally-designed blog can be an excellent way to share your ideas and perspectives with a large audience. Consider what questions or challenges your target audience is facing and what information they are looking for.

Innova can help you build, manage and publish blog articles optimised for search engines, in order to rank higher and reach a wider audience.

Technology matters

By continuously looking for new ways to improve, you can outsmart the competition and build a successful yachting company. When it comes to technology, we're always happy to help !

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