Introducing Ancora, the ultimate yacht crew recruitment solution

In the world of luxury yachting, where every voyage represents a unique experience, assembling the perfect yacht crew is a critical factor in ensuring smooth sailing for discerning clients. The hiring process can be time-consuming, inefficient and often leads to mismatches between crew members and yachts' specific requirements. However, the yachting industry is embracing innovation and a new solution has emerged - Ancora.

By Christophe Meade
4 August 2023 › 2 min read

Understanding the need for innovation

Yacht owners, captains and recruitment agencies have long struggled to find the right candidates with the right qualifications and experience to fit their unique crew requirements. Conventional methods such as posting job listings on websites or through word-of-mouth often fall short in accessing a comprehensive talent pool. This gap in the market calls for a more efficient, streamlined, and effective approach, which is where Ancora comes into play.

How it works

Ancora is a cutting-edge digital platform that streamlines the process of hiring skilled and qualified professionals for various positions onboard luxury yachts. It uses state-of-the-art technology to connect yacht owners and captains with the most suitable candidates. It serves as an innovative platform where crew agents can access crew profiles with detailed information about their skills, certifications, experiences, and preferences.

The application was designed to be a comprehensive and user-friendly platform right out of the box. It aims to match skilled individuals with the right crew positions, taking the hassle out of the hiring process. The application's intuitive design ensures smooth navigation for crew agents. Its compatibility across devices allows users to access the platform anytime, anywhere.

A powerful algorithm can accurately assess candidate suitability based on the yacht's specific requirements, geographic location, language proficiency and yacht experience, to name a few. This advanced matching system significantly increases the likelihood of finding the perfect fit, saving precious time for recruiters.

A streamlined hiring process

The application expands the reach beyond conventional recruitment methods, allowing access to potential crew members from different geographical locations. Crew agents can filter candidates based on specific criteria, enabling efficient shortlisting and interviewing processes. The application ensures that the chosen crew members possess the right skills and experience.

Ancora - Candidates © Innova
Ancora - Candidate profile © Innova

Comprehensive job listings

The application offers the possibility to build an extensive database of job listings for all types of yacht crew positions, from deckhands and engineers to chefs and stewardesses. Each listing provides detailed descriptions, required qualifications, and desired experience, ensuring the right candidates are matched to the right roles.

Ancora - Job board © Innova

Build your crew community

Ancora can be coupled with Impulse which aimed at being the go-to place for yacht crew to manage their career and interact with your company. From managing their crew profile to applying for jobs, candidates can interact with your team regardless of their geographic location or current time.

Impulse - The go-to place for crew to manage their career © Innova

Crafted with purpose

Ancora marks a significant leap forward in the yachting industry, making the process of assembling a top-tier yacht crew more efficient and effective than ever before. It represents a game-changer for the luxury yachting industry. With the power technology, crew agents can now navigate the high seas of hiring with ease, ensuring smooth and luxurious sailing experiences for clients worldwide.

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